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Jayant D. Kulkarni

My Resume
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Jayant D. Kulkarni

"NEELAMBAR", Plot no. 12, Near Gajraj, Gokulnagar, Pipeline Road, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.
PIN : 414003

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To hold higher responsible position through continuous improvement of

work skills and widening my knowledge in whatever field I work in.


Job Title: Technical Associate

Company Name: Mahindra-British Telecom Ltd.

Duration: Sept 2004 till date

Responsibilities: Software Developer

Major Projects:

1. Nawras Telecom (Omani mobile company), Prepaid Application

2. Omnicoms Ltd (An onsite assignment) Invoicing engine, XML render utility.

Skill Set: C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000


Projects completed in Cybage Software Ltd. (Jan 2004 - Aug 2004)


1.         Current project:           Tools4Creators.

            Client                         Tools4Creators, LLC - USA

            Team size        :           6

            Responsibility :            Team lead



The project is to design a very flexible and scalable content management web application for Voyagersoft. Voyagersoft is developing this content management system to allow their customers publish their products, advertisement online. Project is divided in three types of users. Visitors, Customers, Voyager staff. Customers will sign up through their organization and assign different roles like content creator, reviewer, administrator to different users from the same organization. There is workflow developed so that any content will pass through 3-4 stages and then only will be published on site.

Visitors will search for product, tips and tricks etc and visit different pages. We’ve to develop the content editor for uploading content, workflow manager and search algorithm which will be defined by revenue generated by different products.



I’m working as a team lead for this project.  As a team lead I’m handling following activities.

1.       Database design

2.       Class design

3.       System architecture

4.       Client communication

5.       CMM level activities.

6.       Communicating with QA department.

7.       Coding, deployment.


            2.         Project             :           Microsoft-GDN Workspaces Migration.

                        Client               :           Microsoft

                        Platform           :           Windows 2003

                        Environment    :           Visual studio .NET 2003, C#, SQL server 2000             


The project was to migrate workspace section from GotDotNet site to MSDN lab. Workspace is the facility provided by GotDotNet site to develop a .NET application online contributed by different developers throughout the world. For storing the files at our end developers can user any of the version control system e.g. VSS, Source Depot etc. We’ve to develop the code from scratch for migrating the workspace to MSDN lab.


1.   Designing Source control adapter for connecting to Source depot and Visual source Safe.

2.   Developed small interface in C# for adding user, deleting user and modifying user to Visual Source Safe 6.0.

3.   Study old database and design new database for Ms-GDN. Went through all tables, stored procedures and code. Found out the required tables and their related tables for new project.

4.   Worked as a configuration controller for carrying out QMS activities. Faced first QMS audit of the project.


3.         Project             :           Import/Export XML.

Client:              :           Bohan group (USA).

Team Size       :           1

Technologies used:     .NET and Ms-Access.


1.          The project was to design two applications for importing and exporting XML file. One application in MsAccess 2000 and another in VB.NET. We used web service developed in VB.NET.

2.          We’re having one Ms-Access database which contains more than 120 tables. Out of 120 tables some tables are related by foreign key constraints. What we have to do was to develop the interface in Ms-Access that will pick up all related tables (related by a single primary key “LoanNumber”) up to one level. Read al the tables and export the data into an xml file. Skip those fields, which are null. User will select the location of XML file. We’ve to iterate through the relations of the database to find out loan related table. We used MsXMLDom object for exporting and importing XML data into Ms-Access tables.

3.          We developed Import and export functionality in Ms-Access and VB.NET. In both the cases we handled one to one relationship tables and one to many relationships of the table.

4.          We designed a web service in VB.NET, which will be accessed by a simple VB.NET application. This VB.NET application will pick up xml files from the given location and convert it to byte array and the send it to web service.

5.          Web service internally uses a DLL developed in VB.NET. The DLL is having a function, which gets the Byte Array from web service converts it into XML file. Load it into dataset and update SQL server database using SQLCommandBuilder while keeping track of missing field and data types.

6.           We also developed secured web service (SSL enabled) to import and export data for single loan and multiple loans.



I’ve handled the complete project right from the designing, coding, unit testing, deployment and client communication.



Projects in Savitr : Jan 2003 - Jan 2004

1.         Project             :           Alert management system      

            Client               : 

            Duration           :           October 2003 - till date

            Environment    :           C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server2000, Windows 2000

            Team Size       :           5         


            Project Description:                

                        This project was to create a web-based wizard that enables user to create, edit and send alerts using various communication channels viz. phone, email, fax, SMS. The application involves a huge database that handles user management, alert management and financial management. The application manages three access levels for providing functionalities to administrators, customers and end users.


  • URD preparation.
  • Complete design of database for project.
  • Class Design, Coding, Integration and Unit Testing.







Jayant D. Kulkarni
B.E. (Mechanical) FROM (Pune University)
C-DAC FROM (C-DAC, ACTS, Hyderabad)